Earlier Poetry Anthologies I have co-edited

Poetry Books Edited by me - with others

Making Worlds
I co-edited with Dilys Wood this anthology of poems by 114 women writers about their mothers, fathers or both parents. Many of the poems explore complex ambivalent relationships. Some celebrate good relationships, others depict very damaging ones. I co-edited this major anthology of contemporary poetry by women with Gladys Mary Coles and Dilys Wood. The intention is to show the wide range in subject matter and style of women's poetry today. There is an emphasis on searching and reflective poems and the book offers something of an alternative to the poetry which is hyped today.
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Lost Connections
Colin Rowbotham died in 2000 aged only 50. John Killick has written that Colin was a poet of considerable talent who never achieved the audience that he deserved. This posthumous collection, which I co-edited with John, brings together excerpts from his previous publications Total Recall and Strange Estates. The new poems include Fugue. This powerful sequence is also a devastating social document about life in a mental ward.  
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Anthologies in which my work has appeared

My work has also been published in many anthologies such as:

  • Klaonika Poems for Bosnia (Bloodaxe 1993)
  • The Dybbuk of Delight (poems by Jewish Women (Five Leaves1995)
  • The Virago Book of Women's War Poetry 1997
  • Parents (Enitharmon 2000).
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